The Universal Flag Peace Movement reminds us that a simple, yet powerful belief in separation is at the root of all violence and greed. If we can shift this worldview to one that instead acknowledges our interconnection and interdependence, the possibilities for prosperity, joy, love and peace become infinite. Join environmentalists, authors, musicians, artists, religious leaders, teachers and citizens in more than 100 countries as we share the Universal Flag with our communities and celebrate the understanding that We Are All Connected.

A Celebration for PEACE DAY Every Day!

What Does Oneness Mean to You? by Lexi Soulios

What does Oneness mean to you? The dictionary defines Oneness as, "the fact or state of being unified or whole, though composed of two or more parts." A second definition would be, "Identity or harmony with someone or something." This is what we stri

Inner Fortitude for Peace by Ranjeeth Thunga

As a world we are trying to find solutions for peace. There are different means we go about this process. Some of us stand up to corrupt bureaucracy. Others express words of love and harmony. Others of us engage in diplomacy and negotiations. Still o

The Olympic Spotlight

Several of our community members and Ambassadors brought up concerns over our recent promotion of the upcoming 2014 Olympic Winter Games. They raised important issues around equality and civil rights in Sochi, Russia, the hosting city. The author of

XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014

Sport alone cannot enforce or maintain peace. But it has a vital role to play in building a better and more peaceful world. ~ Dr Jacques Rogge, IOC President, October 2007 The XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014 begins on Friday, February 7 and en

What Moves Us to Violence? How Can We Create Peace?

In his book, "The Better Angels of Our Nature," author Steven Pinker defines Five Inner Demons and Four Inner Angels that drive human behavior between violence and peace. According to Pinker, "aggression is not a single motive, let alone a mounting u

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October 30, 2011
A Conversation with Gary Zukav


We all long for relationships of substance and depth, relationships of meaning and purpose, relationships that are fulfilling, relationships that are not built on the needs we have. In Gary Zukav’s latest release, Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power, he outlines… Read More


October 16, 2011
A Conversation with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana


What is Full Body Presence and how does it help us navigate the twists and turns of our lives? How does it help with emotional pain and even physical pain? According to Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, the more fully you inhabit all aspects of yourself, the more capable you are of listening to that quiet voice within… Read More


October 9, 2011
A Conversation with Dr. Gabor Maté


According to Dr. Gabor Maté, addiction, or the capacity to become addicted, is very close to the core of the human experience. That is why almost anything can become addictive, from seemingly healthy activities such as eating or exercising to abusing drugs intended for healing… Read More


September 25, 2011
A Conversation with Dr. David Richo


According to David Richo, most relationship problems are essentially about trusting. Whether it’s fear of commitment, insecurity, jealousy, or a tendency to be controlling, the real obstacle is a fundamental lack of trust – both in ourselves and in our partner. Read More