June 28, 2008
A Conversation With Hanson

“Ngi ne themba, ngi ne themba” chanted a group of 20 South African kids in their native isiZulu language on a July afternoon in 2006. When I first heard the rhythm and tone of this isiZulu phrase with the timbre and feel of those simple voices, I was awed. When I realized that this driving chant beneath our song “Great Divide” meant “I have hope,” I became wholly entranced. –Taylor Hanson

Bono called their music ‘genius’. Hip producers like the Dust Brothers and Stephen Lironi worked with them early on, even before millions of fans screamed their names and critics applauded them. But for Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, it’s always been about the music, and there’s always been a message in the music for those who were really listening.

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