November 15, 2008
A Conversation With Vaishali

From Oprah & Friends Radio to Playboy Radio and a lot of TV appearances too, Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising (Purple Haze Press 2008) and You Are What You Love (Purple Haze Press 2006). She is also national health & wellness speaker, radio host on KTLK (greater Los Angeles & Santa Barbara) and KEST (San Francisco). During her twenties and thirties Vaishali suffered from a vast array of emotional and medical problems, including a terminal diagnosis two times, domestic abuse and financial devastation. Her astonishing and compete recovery of the mind, body and spirit gave her the unique ability to make Universal big picture wisdom relevant to the average person’s everyday life. “If you possesses knowledge, but have no idea how to apply or implement that wisdom into your life, that knowledge is meaningless. If it does not improve your life, then it is useless.” Shares Vaishali.

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