November 29, 2008
A Conversation With Harry Leibowitz

In 1996, Harry had a vision for World of Children when he was recovering from cancer surgery at age 55. Watching the Pulitzer Prize announcements on TV, he noted that while there was a Pulitzer for art and literature, and a Nobel for the sciences and peace, and an Oscar for films, there were no awards for those who were tirelessly serving children in need.

That realization was a catalyst for Harry, and he subsequently founded World of Children and pledged to dedicate the rest of his life to creating a “Nobel Prize© for Children” awards program to support social changemakers helping children in need around the world.

A decade later, Harry now devotes all his time to running World of Children – serving as Board Chair and visiting World of Children honorees around the globe along with his wife Kay-Isaacson Leibowitz, a World of Children board member and retired fashion executive who has served at the helm of leading brands such as Banana Republic and Victoria’s Secret.

Harry’s honors include the Procter & Gamble Alumni Humanitarian Award in 2007, the Reclaiming Youth International Child Advocacy Award in 2006 and the Starr Commonwealth Child Advocacy Award in 1999.

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