June 13, 2009
A Conversation With Yossi Ghinsberg

A passionate citizen of the world and an eternal nomad Yossi continuously travels the planet for both work and personal explorations.

He was born and raised in Israel and served three years in the Israeli navy on the Red Sea where he befriended the Bedouins of the Sinai Desert who greatly influenced him with their wholesome philosophy and nomadic lifestyle. To date, no matter where he lives, Yossi always constructs a tent, be it on the top of his apartment or the backyard of his house, that becomes the center of the family life.

Yossi studied Jewish Philosophy and Business Administration in Tel Aviv University followed by a comprehensive study of the ‘Kabala’ in authentic environments. A truth seeker by an inner calling, Yossi continuously studied religions and philosophy including the Ancients, the Classics, the Eastern, the Contemporary and the Shamanic path.

To learn more about Yossi, please visit www.Ghinsberg.com!

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