July 4, 2009
A Conversation With Estherleon Schwartz

In 1948 a little girl 7 years old came to America with her mother and father on the Queen Mary with hundreds of other refugees. Nearing the shores of New York, she saw a tiny statue in the water. Everyone on the boat became very quiet and started softly singing prayers of gratitude, kneeling down to kiss the ground. The little girl couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful statue. As they got closer and closer, it seemed as if this beautiful woman with a wand so tall and strong was smiling at her and was saying something good to her. It reminded her of when her father threw her over the barbwire fence in 1944 at the Swiss border, looking up to the heavens he said, “Save my daughter and she will always serve you.” This little girl always knew in her heart her destiny had been chosen.

Believing fervently that we are all connected, visionary Cantor Estherleon, for many years, has been bringing all faiths and cultures together for a deeper understanding of each other.

To learn more about Estherleon, please visit www.Estherleon.com!

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