July 18, 2009
A Conversation With Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

In 1986, Dr. Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, located at the Los Angeles headquarters of the Agape Movement, a trans-religious community which today counts a membership of thousands locally, and hundreds of thousands of worldwide friends, as well as regional and international affiliates.

Agape’s local outreach programs feed the homeless, serve individuals who are imprisoned and counsel their families, partnership with community service organizations active in children’s schools and youth at risk homes, support the arts, and advocate the preservation of the planet’s environmental resources. Agape’s global humanitarian programs include the building of schools, orphanages, hospitals and libraries, and the construction of an Eco Village in partnership with the Association for Global New Thought for the Sarvodaya Foundation in Sri Lanka, along with supporting its home for unwed mothers.

Dr. Beckwith’s renown as a harbinger of the world’s quest for peace has drawn into his visionary orbit leading catalysts of societal change. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi, shares with Dr. Beckwith the national co-directorship of A Season for Nonviolence, which promotes the principles of nonviolence taught by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Their work is endorsed by UNESCO on behalf of its Culture of Peace and Nonviolence Appeal by Nobel Peace Laureates. Other distinguished supporters include Dr. C.T. Vivian, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne of Sri Lanka, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Dr. Robert Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies at Columbia University, and Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.

To learn more about Dr. Michael, please visit www.AgapeLive.com!

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