January 9, 2010
A Conversation With Monica Bloom & Jon Burras

Monica Bloom has been running around doing many different things for the past 33 years trying to figure out her dharma (life work). It was only when she stopped running and took the time to look within, that she found answers. Through her own self work and self discovery, she came to realize that helping others evolve is what she does best.

Monica spent 10 years in art direction, graphic design, and branding but in August 2007, she had a true epiphany when she stumbled upon Ayurveda on the internet. Before her eyes was everything she’d always believed in and never knew it existed. Four days later Monica was enrolled in school. She graduated in April 2009 with a Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences from Kerala Ayurveda Academy and has begun counseling individuals as well as teaching Ayurvedic concepts through lectures.

For more information visit www.HeyMonicaB.com!

Jon Burras received a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from California State University Northridge. This is after much traveling abroad and taking a semester off to live with a family and study Spanish in Spain. Jon thoroughly enjoys his world travels and loves to meet people and experience different cultures. Through traveling, he came to see the world from a new perspective and his eyes opened to new discoveries and possibilities.

Jon enjoyed the field of psychology and spent time studying early childhood development in college and later went on to become interested in the field of Gestalt therapy. His curiosity about the mind continued where he explored many different body/mind aspects.

To learn more about Jon, please visit www.JonBurras.com!

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