May 8, 2010
A Conversation With Michael Brown

Until 1989, South African-born Michael Brown was living what he called “a blissfully unconscious life” as a music journalist.

During this period of his life, Michael developed an acutely painful neurological condition called Horton’s Syndrome. After four years of suffering through conventional medical approaches, he embarked on a quest to integrate his experience through personal inquiry.

As Michael’s quest for resolution unfolded, he began entering a state of being he called “present moment awareness” – a paradigm of heightened consciousness running parallel to our conventional and mundane world experience. He discovered that his repeated entry into this enlivened state of being, which he accomplished through ceremonial practice, plant medicines, and what he calls “consciously connected breathing,” resulted in a decrease of his own painful condition to the point of complete integration.

In the late 90s Michael began to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness with an intent to develop a practical procedure that was accessible to anyone anywhere who wanted to initiate this experience for themselves. This procedure is now internationally known as THE PRESENCE PROCESS.

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