June 12, 2010
A Conversation With Andrew and Tamara Overlee

Andrew and Tamara Overlee’s entire spirit family have earned their positions in the ethereal world and have continued their healing practices to dedicate their total existence to helping mankind. They consist of a group of doctors, scientists, researchers, writers, and philosophers who have one common goal—to teach: love, truth, honesty, humility and gratitude to the world; the importance of this earth plane in relating the lessons to be nurtured for the development of the soul so one will be prepared for transition; how the spiritual connection to energy can change the course of humankind; the unremitting truth that realizing the equality of all souls will be a righteous way to ensure everlasting peace.

Andrew has been developed since a young child to be a physical trance medium, an instrument for healing energy. His extensive knowledge of the ethereal world and the many years of development enable him to go into a full trance state, allowing his spirit family to work through his physical body. Tamara is a semi-trance medium for automatic writing. She also dedicates her time to spiritual counseling and assists with all healing and guidance sessions.

To learn more about Andrew and Tamara, please visit www.JoyOfHealing.com!

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