July 24, 2010
A Conversation with Caroline Boudreaux

Caroline Boudreaux is the Founder of The Miracle Foundation, a non-profit organization that empowers orphans to reach their full potential, one child at a time. While on her first trip to India in 2000, Boudreaux’s life was forever transformed when she witnessed first-hand the plight of orphans in that country. Upon her return to the U.S., she founded The Miracle Foundation, which currently cares for 500+ children in four homes located in eastern India. Using the United Nation’s Children’s Bill of Rights as a guide, The Miracle Foundation offers a depth of care that is unprecedented in most orphanages. In addition to providing nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, and a college-prep education, The Miracle Foundation established a family-style living model. With a ratio of one Housemother to every ten children, this model allows for a long-term relationship with a trained and loving Housemother and provides each child with the foundation for attachment, something most orphans are denied.

Caroline was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and attended LSU in Shreveport where she earned a B.S. in Psychology. Before The Miracle Foundation, Boudreaux worked as an Account Executive for Fox Television and was in charge of new business development. Boudreaux was the recipient of the Hope Award, 2005; Impact Award, 2008; Membership in the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, 2009. She has also been featured as a thought leader in books, magazines, films and news media, including CNN and “One Peace at a Time,” a 2009 film by Turk Pipkin.

To learn more about Caroline, please visit www.MiracleFoundation.org!

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