July 31, 2010
A Conversation with Andrew Beath

According to Andrew Beath, seeing and feeling Natural Harmony can enable us to experience the sacred nature of all of life by tuning us into the dynamic, interdependent relationships of all living and non-living beings. He suggests that aligning ourselves with Natural Harmony will bring us into intimacy with all things, which has been described by masters as an element of enlightenment.

On this program, Andrew Beath discusses Natural Harmony in greater detail and how it impacts our relationship with our environment. He also shares ideas from his book, Consciousness in Action: The Power of Beauty, Love and Courage in a Violent Time.

Andrew Beath founded EarthWays Foundation in 1985. For the past 25 years EarthWays has initiated many projects to protect wilderness and assist threatened indigenous communities in South, Central and North America. Andrew is also the founder and president of SEE – Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs. Over the years he has started several “centers for conscious activism” to teach environmental education and techniques that facilitate social change. He serves on six “boards of directors” of environmental and social justice NGO’s and is one of the co-producers of the World Festival of Sacred Music in Los Angeles. Andrew has recently completed a series of three screenplays, all with environmental or social justice themes.

To learn more about Andrew, please visit www.AndrewBeath.com!

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