August 21, 2010
A Conversation with Chris Deckker

Every year thousands of individuals, private gatherings, and public events across the globe join together to celebrate and hold a common intention for peace. “Earthdance: The Global Dance Party for Peace,” is the world’s biggest synchronized dance event, with over 350 locations in 65 countries.

Behind this growing worldwide phenomenon is Chris Deckker, Founder of Earthdance International. On this program, Chris gives us a glimpse into how Earthdance got started 14 years ago and the impact it has made on people, our planet and consciousness in general.

Musician, artist and visionary entrepreneur, Chris Deckker has been in the art and entertainment industry for over 25 years. He founded the legendary night club concept “Return to the Source,” which grew to become one of London’s most successful club nights, being described by the British Channel 4 national news as “doing for the nineties what Sergeant Pepper did for the sixties.” His independent record label “Return to the Source Records” released over 20 electronica CD compilations with total combined sales in excess of 200,000 units. Chris is also the founder and producer of the ethno/electronic music group “Medicine Drum” which was signed to Higher Octave/Virgin records USA from 1999 to 2004. In that period Medicine Drum toured the world including support dates with Moby, The Chemical Brothers and the Orb and their 1997 music video, titled “Alpha Return,” hit the top 5 most requested video clips for MTV Amp.

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