August 28, 2010
A Conversation with Eden Sky

If you long for more balance in your life, wish you could move at a more peaceful pace, and feel excited at the idea of meeting amazing synchronicity at every turn, you’ll want to hear this program.

In it, Eden Sky discusses the difference between mechanical time and Natural Time. She shows us how living in accordance with Natural Time can expand and harmonize our consciousness with the greater forces of Nature. She also shares her perspective on the upcoming 2012 date and offers some suggestions for how we can prepare.

For 15 years, Eden Sky has devoted her life to researching and teaching the mysteries of the Ancient Maya, their prophecies and their astounding time science. She studied directly under Dr. Jose Arguelles, who is largely responsible for the global interest in the Mayan Calendar System and the now infamous 2012 date. Eden is the author and publisher of the annual 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, a modern application of ancient time wisdom. She has participated in many international summits and conferences on calendar change, including “The World Summit on Peace and Time.” As a “Natural Time Visionary,” Eden offers community and educational gatherings that share Arguelles’ solar-lunar-galactic calendar teachings. Her essay entitled “The Living Prophecy: Exploring the Mystery of 2012” will be published in the upcoming book “2013: The Beginning is Here,” alongside essays from Jose Arguelles, Carl Callaman, Geoff Stray, Aluna Joy and others.

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