September 25, 2010
A Conversation with Ainslie Macleod

Do you believe in reincarnation? Is it possible that many of the life challenges you face today are actually rooted in previous incarnations? In this program, Ainslie MacLeod shares empowering information from The Transformation, his most recent release on transforming the pain and patterns of past lives.

Ainslie MacLeod is an internationally acclaimed psychic, and author of The Transformation: Healing Your Past-Life Fears To Realize Your Soul’s Potential and The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended. For more than a decade, Ainslie has used his psychic abilities to explore the influence of the soul on human beliefs and behavior. More recently, his investigations have led him to focus on uncovering past-life trauma to heal unexplained fears, phobias, and other blocks to happiness in the present. Ainslie has been featured on Oprah’s Soul Series, and is a faculty member at the Omega Institute and Kripalu. He was the recipient of a gold medal for his first book, The Instruction, from the Independent Publisher Association. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where he offers psychic guidance to clients worldwide.

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