November 14, 2010
A Conversation with Malidoma Somé

Malidoma Some

Do you know your place in the world? Do you have a sense of connection and belonging with your ancestors and the land from which you come? How can you cultivate a relationship with the profoundly loving and powerful world beyond your five senses?

In this program, we explore some of these questions with Malidoma Somé, PhD. Dr. Somé is one of today’s most eloquent champions of indigenous wisdom. His life and teaching form a bridge between the traditional ways of his people, the Dagara of West Africa, and the modern world. He is a gifted medicine man and diviner, as well as a compelling teacher and author. For more than twenty years, Dr. Somé has shared the ancient knowledge of his tribe with people in the West who are increasingly disconnected from their ancestors, spirit, and the richness of life in community. His voice awakens in our hearts the recognition that we are all born with a life purpose to fulfill and that we can do so in a deep and abiding relationship with all beings. Dr. Somé is the author of several books, including Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, The Healing Wisdom of Africa, and his acclaimed autobiography, Of Water and the Spirit.

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