December 18, 2010
A Conversation with Mike Dooley

“There are no hidden agendas for your time in space. No tests, no destinies, and no judgment. Manifesting change could not possibly be any easier than defining what you want in terms of its end result, and then simply and physically moving in its general direction.”

– Mike Dooley, Manifesting Change

In this program we welcome Mike Dooley for a lively discussion on what it really takes to manifest what you want in your life.

After a successful career as a CPA with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Mike co-founded “Totally Unique Thoughts” to retail inspirational gifts and T-shirts. One million T-shirts later, he recorded his first audio program, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, which has been a perennial best-seller since its release in 2001, selling over a quarter million CDs. In 2009, Infinite Possibilities was released as a book that debuted on the New York Times Bestseller list. Mike also founded TUT’s philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet ( that’s now home to over 300,000 members from over 182 countries. He’s authored numerous audio programs, DVDs, and books, including the Notes from the Universe series, which have been published in 12 countries. In 2006, Mike was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon, The Secret.

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