January 2, 2011
A Conversation with Colin Tipping

According to our guest this Sunday, it is a deep self-hatred at the root of so many of our problems. And we need a radical shift in perspective, a radical forgiveness towards ourselves to heal this core distress.

Author of the best-selling Radical Forgiveness, Colin Tipping has taken his acclaimed healing technology even farther in his newest book, Radical Self-Forgiveness: The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance.

Colin taught at London University before emigrating to the U.S. in 1984. He is co-founder, of the Georgia Cancer Help Program and Together-We-Heal, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to emotional and spiritual healing. He is also the founder of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching, Inc., based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Colin’s workshops are renowned as life-changing experiences and his work has been praised by John Bradshaw, Mark Victor Hanson, Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden and many others. He has recently launched a major initiative to take a specialized form of the Radical Forgiveness technology into corporations and other organizations as a way of resolving and preventing conflict, raising morale and increasing productivity.

To learn more about Colin, please visit www.RadicalForgiveness.com!

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