January 30, 2011
A Conversation with Danny Shine & Julia Bondi

Danny Shine

Britain has an estimated five million surveillance cameras in public and private hands. That’s about one for every 12 people. Our guest for the first half of the show, Danny Shine doesn’t let the fact that his government may be watching his every move deter him from heading out into busy public areas like town centers and shopping malls with his megaphone and a black and white sign, speaking to love, oneness and the importance of finding one’s own truth. Danny Shine, together with Charlie Veitch of The Love Police became a YouTube sensation with their “Everything Is OK” video series that has attracted half a million views and has been subtitled in Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish. Their unique style of exploring the boundaries of free speech and society’s level of consciousness has now been copied in several countries, including Poland, Ireland and the USA. Danny has also begun traveling, with megaphone and signs in hand to other nations, including Denmark and Israel; and he blogs about his experiences, such as getting physically dragged out of art galleries and moved on by police just for holding a simple sign. A married father of three, Danny relies on his family to keep him grounded. He now leads workshops aimed at giving people an experience of authenticity and helping others to explore what’s true for them.

ZodiacFor the second half of our program, we welcomed Julia Bondi who discussed the current planetary influences that are affecting us all. Julia began her study of Metaphysics and Astrology in 1973. With degrees in Clinical Psychology, History, and Esoteric Philosophy as well as a 30 year career as a successful practicing astrologer and spiritual counselor, Julia brings a visionary and practical view of Astrology to her work and her clients. After receiving her doctorate in 1979, Julia founded the TAV Center in Westport, CT where she taught classes and workshops for 15 years. An eloquent and entertaining speaker, Julia has spoken at the New York Whole Life Expo, conferences and national meetings for the National Council For Geocosmic Research and the Institute Of Noetic Sciences. Through interviews in newspapers and TV programs Julia has spoken to the growing audience seeking greater self awareness and more authentic ways to live rich and meaningful lives. She has written for magazines and is currently writing for the popular website Mooncircles.com. Julia published her first book, Lovelight, in 1989 with Simon&Schuster, a guide to the power of transcendent romantic and sexual love as a spiritual path to a life of deep love and awakening. A 2nd book presenting a spiritual prophecy for the United States in the 21st century will be available in March. Julia’s personal life is grounded by her family, her spiritual journey and her work. Seeking a peaceful and natural home Julia moved to Ashland, OR where she is an involved member of that thriving spiritual and creative community.

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