March 13, 2011
A Conversation with Jeannie Kerrigan

This is a powerful show with Jeannie Kerrigan, whose book Layla is the true life story of her journey through unimaginable challenges, including physical and sexual abuse, rape, abduction, drug addiction, stripping, prostitution, and grief. It is an account of the human journey between dualities: light and dark, broken and whole, hell and heaven, fear and absolute love. At Layla’s core are ancient wisdom teachings and experiences of earth-based quantum healing through indigenous spirituality, most specifically Lakota Native American Ceremony, and an understanding of what the Lakota call Taku Wakahn Skan Skan, “ever sacred always moving energy.”

Her book has been described as a portal, a gateway for everyone to step through. Layla can be likened to a narrative of our collective evolution, our legacy as human beings. It’s a story of the imbalance and wounding between masculine and feminine, a story of sexual abuse in the church, a story of deep and painful family secrets, a story of addiction and avoidance, a story of death and loss and unfathomable grief, and, ultimately, a story of the absolute universal love and goodness that lay at the core of every being. In some form, this is a story that we all carry in our bones.

Jeannie Kerrigan is a healer, teacher, author, spiritual leader, and founder of Ricky’s Revenge, a national outreach program that helps runaway and homeless youth and victims of domestic violence. Having taught Quantum Healing, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, and Lakota Spirituality to students all over the world, Jeannie’s goal is to bring modern relevance to this wisdom. She maintains a successful private practice as a healing practitioner and teacher in Santa Fe, NM and, as instructed by her elders, continues to lead healing ceremony for people all across the nation and in Peru.

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One Response to March 13, 2011
A Conversation with Jeannie Kerrigan

  1. Judy Kerrigan Ribbens says:

    I love this woman. She has been my teacher for all of her life. I have taught her some things, learned much more including things I never wanted to know, and I admire and love her for her courage to find her way through all she has suffered into the place of light she now shares with others. I loved her when she was in my womb. I love her still. Jeannie, I am so proud and thankful for the gift the universe sent me when you came. Love, Mom.

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