March 27, 2011
A Conversation with John L. Payne

Are you living your own fate or playing out the same difficult patterns as your ancestors? Like most of us in the western world, you probably see yourself as an individual largely unaffected by what your ancestors went through. But in truth we are each part of a larger family system and are energetically and emotionally bound to their fates in ways that can keep us stuck in hardship and drama and prevent us from expressing our true potential.

In this program, John L. Payne discusses the power of unconscious family bonds, along with Family Constellation Therapy, a powerful form of ancestral healing work that has become a global phenomenon.

John L. Payne has been studying Hellinger Family Constellations and Trans-Generational Healing for over a decade and has worked with Gabrielle Borkan, Bertold Ulsamer, Drindy Keller, Ursula Franke and Bert Hellinger. He has become one of the first non-psychotherapists to be accredited by the Bert Hellinger Institute (IAG) in Germany, and has run over 160 workshops on five continents, blending together psychotherapeutic process, soul healing and echoes of shamanism. He is a regular guest on South African television and radio. John has published three books inspired by his work with the soul, including The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations, The Language of the Soul, and The Presence of the Soul.

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A Conversation with John L. Payne

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