April 3, 2011
A Conversation with John James

Separation is simply an illusion. Every thing is both vibration and matter, intimately connected through fields of energy that comprise The Great Field. We can access this Field through the soul and the heart via intuition and also in those higher states of consciousness that many spiritual masters and religious devotees describe.

This Sunday we welcome John James to the show for a discussion on The Great Field. We’ll be investigating the nature of the universe-how matter was created out of The Great Field-and its implication for the human soul.

Dr. John James OAM is an Australian architect, builder, farmer, transpersonal therapist and medieval historian with a passion for discovery. For 30 years he has been searching to understand the workings of the human psyche, and for the origins of the Gothic style. He is considered a world authority on Chartres cathedral, and is currently producing a nine-volume thesaurus on early Gothic in France. he has published over a dozen books and some 70 articles on medieval issues. In therapy he founded the Crucible Centre in the mountains west of Sydney where he and his colleagues have discovered how to work positively and directly with the energy of the soul, which creates us in the womb and has a profound influence on our lives thereafter.

To learn more about John, please visit www.JohnJames.com.au!

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3 Responses to April 3, 2011
A Conversation with John James

  1. Karen says:

    I was only able to get in on the last half hour with John James, but he was able to verify for me a principle/concept I have been struggling with for some time — namely that the Field of Creation Energy responds to our vibration and does not care or discern what our motives and intentions are. Hence, the “Law of Attraction” brings us more of what we are being/vibrating/resonating with rather than what we “want”, necessarily. Those could be very different things, and usually are, until we understand how the Field of Creation works.
    To me this is a hugely misunderstood truth, and Dr. James is helping to bring it to light for people.
    I look forward to more discussions with John James, and I thank you sincerely, Karen

  2. The interview was fascinating. So many concepts, so little time, with evolved and advanced thought about “The Field.” Very enjoyable.

    While I agree that The Field responds to our vibration and it does amplify any and all vibrations, I see The Field as impersonal, but not uncaring. Everyone, who taps deeply into it, seems to access a singular message of love/unity. And all who access “the love” are forever changed.

    Why is the message of love/unity transmitted to everyone who enters? I feel this is a very curious, mysterious aspect of The Field. Would love to hear more discussion about it.

    • john james says:

      we should understand that the field is responsive to us only because we are IN the Field, we are it. Therefore we are as moved by the totality as it is moved by us. Love I believe is that state we feel when we are totally in the flow with the field, even when the Field is destroying Fukashima.

      Thus we are, in this subtle yet powerful sense, the creator of earthquakes, not its victim. And this apples to all that we do in life. The Field ensures that this is so.

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