May 1, 2011
A Conversation with Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.

Nearly everyone senses the richness and mystery of the soul and longs to bring this depth more fully into their lives-and their lives more fully into that depth. But few know how to begin or to quicken this process. Our guest this Sunday, Bill Plotkin will be discussing his books, Nature and the Human Soul and Soulcraft, and sharing with us a map to the paths and pitfalls of the lifelong journey to wholeness and maturity, as well as a variety of nature-based practices designed to evoke the life-shifting experience of soul encounter.

Nature and the Human Soul explores how fully and creatively we can mature when we allow soul and wild nature to guide us. It talks about nature’s ways – and every vital culture’s ways – for raising healthy children; preparing adolescents for the initiatory adventure that opens the way to mature, authentic adulthood; and enhancing the cultural artistry and fulfillment of adult and elder lives. Soulcraft describes in detail over two dozen practices to work with your soul, including soul-centered dreamwork, deep imagery, council work, dialogues with nature, self-designed ceremony, and the contemporary vision fast.

Bill Plotkin, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist, wilderness guide, and agent of cultural transformation. As founder of western Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute in 1981, he has guided thousands of women and men through nature-based initiatory passages, including a contemporary, Western adaptation of the pan-cultural vision quest. Previously, he has been a research psychologist (studying non-ordinary states of consciousness), professor of psychology, psychotherapist, rock musician, and whitewater river guide.  In 1979, on a solo winter ascent of an Adirondack peak, Bill experienced a “call to adventure,” leading him to abandon academia in search of his true calling. Bill is the author of Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche (an experiential guidebook) and Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World (a nature-based stage model of human development through the entire lifespan). His doctorate is in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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