May 15, 2011
A Conversation with Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

We welcomed Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. to our show to discuss two of his newest books: The Flying Drum (on bringing magic and wonder into everyday life through use of a sacred object) and The Bushman Way of Tracking God (about the spiritual lives of the Kalahari Bushmen). Keeney has been called “an all-American shaman, the Marco Polo of psychology, and an anthropologist of the spirit” by the editors of Utne Reader. Elders of indigenous traditions throughout the world-including the Kalahari Bushmen, the Caribbean Shakers of St. Vincent, the Guarani Indians of the Amazon, and leaders of the Japanese healing tradition of Seiki Jutsu-have embraced Keeney as an elder and spokesperson for the old ways of ecstatic shaking. Following an academic career, he spent over a decade traveling the globe, living with spiritual teachers, shamans, healers, and medicine people.

The result of Keeney’s work is one of the broadest and most intense field studies of healing and shamanism, chronicled in the critically acclaimed book series, Profiles of Healing, an eleven-volume encyclopedia of the world’s healing practices. His autobiography, Bushman Shaman, tells how he became a n/om-kxao (healer) with the Kalahari Bushmen. Keeney is presently Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Hanna Spyker Eminent Scholars Chair in Education, University of Louisiana, Monroe; Co-Director, CIRCULUS: Institute for Creative Transformation & Virtual Pedagogy; Clinical Supervisor, Center for Children and Families, Monroe; and Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Rock Art Research Institute, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

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2 Responses to May 15, 2011
A Conversation with Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

  1. Alie Marie says:

    hi Guys

    having being out there these past couple of years & only coming back from the fringe I enjoyed your stories immensely. I heard something Bradford when you said something in the Bushmans language another note or tone which seemed to emit a frequency or light.

    Need to know if the bushmans language is being saved as part of our oral history?


    Alie Marie

    • Brad Keeney says:

      Hi Alie,
      The door to the great mysteries is always through tones and rhythms that touch our heart. No particular tone, but any music expressed with spirit. Anyone claiming to heal must have a song or they are a fake – that’s what most the healing traditions say. The same may be so for spiritual teachers.
      Bottom line: singing in the shower may be your most important spiritual practice!
      Blessings and laughter,

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