Pledge to Planet Earth

We love getting submissions to share with our growing community! This one we recently received from Jon CohnPledge to the Earth is intended as a Pledge that school kids might recite at the start of each day. In the USA, we have the Pledge of Allegiance (to the US flag) and in other countries there are similar pledges of fidelity to country. As far as we know, none of these mention our mother earth, on whom we are absolutely dependent. Leave a comment – let us know what you think!

I pledge to this planet Earth

My full support and respect

To be kind and considerate of others who inhabit it

And to help out our fellow mankind in any way we can

And to remember that we are all of one

To respect each other; to celebrate our differences; and to always help those in need

Our goal together: Peace, freedom, happiness and health to all

Together we can. Together we are one.

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