June 26, 2011
A Conversation with Colette Baron-Reid

We had an exciting show with Colette Baron-Reid who is renowned for helping people create the purposeful and authentic lives they desire. In her newest book, The Map, Colette hands us the “magic wand” of our own awareness so that we can begin to perceive our lives as a wonderful adventure, and see ourselves as enchanted mapmakers. She brings us on a deep journey into our inner landscape to meet the imaginary beings that hold the keys to wisdom hidden in our subconscious.

Colette is the author of Messages from Spirit and Remembering the Future,and is a popular spiritual intuitive. Through a 22-year practice that has been built strictly by word of mouth, Colette has advised over 50,000 clients in 29 countries around the world. She has provided her insight and compassionate delivery of messages as an Intuitive Counselor and Life Strategist in front of over 150,000 people. She is also a seminar leader, radio personality, motivational speaker, and musical recording artist, and has shared the stage with authors Sylvia Browne, John Holland, Caroline Myss, and many others.

To learn more about Colette, please visit www.ColetteBaronReid.com!

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