August 28, 2011
A Conversation with Anodea Judith

Will we survive into the next age? If so, what will it look like and what will it take for us to get there? For the first time since the planet cooled, five billion years ago, humanity is capable of influencing–for better or worse–the trajectory of evolution. And as Anodea Judith shares in her new book, Waking the Global Heart, this requires a tremendous responsibility and maturity of the heart.

Only through a rite of passage will humanity shift from the love of power to the power of love. This initiation will uproot and transform every aspect of human civilization.  It will demand of humankind a new myth, one that insists on cooperation rather than competition, co-creation rather than procreation, networks rather than markets, and sustainability rather than exploitation. Join us on Sunday, for a discussion through the twists and turns of our collective history so we can emerge with a guiding vision for our next awakening.

Anodea Judith is a ground-breaking thinker, spiritual teacher, healer and evolutionary activist who has spent her life studying human psychology and systems theory. She holds a Ph.D in Health and Human Services, a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, is a 500 hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, historian, mythologist, ritualist, and evolutionary philosopher. She is the author of the chakra classic Wheels of Life, the psychology text Eastern Body, Western Mind, and the double award winning book on social change, Waking the Global Heart. She also has an award winning DVD, The Illuminated Chakras and several audio products. Her books have been translated into 15 languages and she travels the world lecturing and teaching workshops on human psychology, spiritual growth, and cultural evolution.

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