Vision of a Heart-Inspired World by Cassandra Curley

My journey along a 2500 mile “Path to Peace” increasingly affirms the very message I have set out to broadcast – that we are indeed ONE and our true nature is Peace. It is evident in the communal outreach that can be found in every small town, each populated city and every large metropolis that the tour has led me. When one is focused on Unity, it becomes evident everywhere. Especially heartening, is the gathering of support that we have witnessed in the aftermath of the many natural and man-made disasters that have occurred recently.  Even as hopeful, is the increased mention in the media, as more and more groups express the desire to “seek a common ground.” Perhaps to emphasize this broadening awareness, I have been privileged to encounter unique individuals who share this message of the heart:

A mother of a young woman who perished on Flight 93, who will bicycle the path her daughter flew that fateful day, to commemorate the 10 year anniversary on September 11, 2011, with the quote she found in her childhood journal, “I ask Peace.”

Twin, octogenerian, sisters who have been lovingly feeding the homeless, impoverished and home-bound for more that 25 years in Knoxville, TN.

A vivacious and ambitious woman in Virginia Beach, VA who opened a thriving retail shop dedicated to Peace, Love and Balance the same month that the financial upheaval hit in 2008.

And many more.

The goal of World Peace is not a fanciful notion but, it helps if you are out of your mind and into your heart. That is, out of your logical mind and its divisive view of the world and into the perspective of your soul. If not for the brain’s deception, the Path to Peace is effortless. So, as I near the two-thirds mark on my journey to spread Peace, I am driven by the vision of a heart-inspired world.

About Peace Messenger Cassandra Curley

I am walking 50 miles in all 50 states in 50 weeks to remind listeners and readers that we have forgotten our true nature of Peace. As a messenger of Peace, my goal is to bring awareness to those open to seeing the World in a New and Unified way – to invoke a willingness to achieve Peace through our Universal need for Love, Connection to one another and Purpose. Willingness and a commitment to resolve differences by seeking a common ground will change our world.

~ Cassandra Curley

Cassandra has been an athlete and student of health for almost 40 years. She entered into the healthcare profession as a personal trainer, added licensed massage therapist to her repertoire, then became co-owner of three health centers. Her private practice now incorporates advanced training in the energetic healing modalities of CranioSacral Therapy, Bodytalk, Reiki and most recently, Zero Point Cranial. These therapies, though subtle, facilitate deep healing within clients by allowing their innate self-correcting mechanisms to engage. Through her work, she has learned how vital it is for us all to follow our inner guidance, which is exactly what she is doing in her walking mission today.

Cassandra has been a contributor of health-related articles to numerous publications and has published two books, What’s the ‘Matter’?: The Key to Creating Your Reality and A Path to Peace.

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