Jazz Tribute Song by The Mojo Doctors

Music names the unnameable and communicates the unknowable. — Leonard Bernstein Mojo Doctors audio pic

Straight out of New Orleans’ French Quarter: Two of the Universal Flag Peace Movement’s favorite dynamos, Bradford Keeney, Ph.D. and Hillary Stephenson, Ph.D., together known as The Mojo Doctors, have created an inspired musical dedication to The Universal Flag. Check it out:

Universal Flag Peace Movement Jazz Tribute

Thanks, Mojo Doctors, for being in our world!

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned therapist, author, and professor who is also acknowledged as an elder healer in cultures all over the world. He has authored numerous books, including The Flying Drum and The Bushman Way of Tracking God. Dr. Keeney was one of the most celebrated guests on our radio program, A Call to Consciousness. Click here for a free archive of his show. Together with his colleague, Hillary Stephenson, Ph.D., an acclaimed author, speaker, community worker, and professor, they created THE MOJO DOCTORS. In addition to offering a traditional healing practice, they are maverick scholars who teach other mental health professionals to go beyond therapy, coaching, and lackluster spirituality. You can visit their website at MojoDoctors.com

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