A Collection of Inspirations by Brian McClure ~ February-March

Live to give Love and you will own peace… Namaste, Brian

Many times in our life’s journey, we feel let down, betrayed by unforeseen forces… Try as we may, we cannot wrap our brain around the reasons why some events happened to us… WHY ME… we cry… Truth is, there is nothing that ever happens in our lives that we are not fully aware of, on a soul level… Our soul helps guide us on the perfect journey of awakening for us… whether we are aware or not… Happy Journey’s… Namaste, Brian

There is no peace like that which comes from within… Gandhi’s words will vibrate for generations to come… “Be the change you wish to see in the world”… Peace begins and ends with us… and we would not want it any other way…
Namaste, Brian

Many earth students are gifted with glimpses of the other side of the veil… I was gifted in that way back in the late 90’s… That is why I ultimately answered the call to allow the Universal Flag to manifest through me… That is why I write on this site, and why I created the radio Show; “A Call to Consciousness”… That is why I wrote children’s books… and that is why I know without a doubt, that Love is the only thing that is real… Before the gift, my life was about me, and my immediate family and friends… I can tell you with 100 percent certainty, that there is No Separation of anyone nor anything… Namaste, Brian

Beyond what we see on this plane of existence, is a picture that is greater than our wildest imaginations… It includes realms that we earth students cannot fathom… and behind it all, is one consistent energy… LOVE… Namaste, Brian

What is your soul design? That is… what did you want to accomplish by coming to the earth school? What is the highest purpose for your life? Inside each of us lies the key, reminding us of our oneness with all, and purpose… You are so much greater than you can ever imagine… Take a few seconds right now, and connect to the greater you… You will feel it immediately!!! Namaste, Brian

When others ask you how you are, how do you answer them? Do you tell them how you are feeling that day, (happy, sad, good, bad) or do you tell them… Never Better? In reality, no matter what is happening in your life at that moment, you have never been better… that moment is the only moment that you can experience… you cannot experience the past, nor the futue… thus, that moment, and this moment is the Best… Namaste, Brian

As earth students, there are times we are lonely, and other times when we wish we could be alone… there are times when we find ourselves filled with joy, and others that we are filled with sadness… always opposites… always duality… that is the very nature of earth school… There are a few things I can assure you of… We are Never Alone… and there is never a second that goes by, that we are not surrounded by Unconditional Love… Whether we feel it or not… Here is wishing us connection happy trails… Namaste, Brian

There is not one earth student who has ever lived a life on our great mother earth, that has not faced challenges that have brought them to their knees… and that my friends includes you and me… The only difference in all experiences, is how we as individuals react to them… Namaste, Brian

There is a place within all of us that vibrates love and connection… No worries, no problems, no things to do, no places to be… that space or place, reminds us of who we really are… Namaste, Brian

As earth students, it is not easy remembering our soul design… (the reason we came here in the first place)… but… that is certainly our task… Namaste, Brian

As a fellow earth student, much of what I write on here, is written to remind myself of simple truths that slip in and out of my consciousness… We all can use reminders, that help connect us to the truth of we are… Namaste, Brian

As earth school participants, it is easy for us to get caught up in the problems of the moment… Helpful tip… take time daily to tune out the external… and tune into the internal… there, you will find all the answers you need…
Namaste, Brian

There is no manifested thing in all of the Universe, that is not a part of you… Namaste, Brian

As I’m sitting at my computer to type this note, I am aware of some aches and pains in my body… at the same time, I am aware that my body has never felt better… how could our physical bodies ever feel better than this moment… For this is the only moment we can experience our bodies… and as I contemplate this thought, a feeling of gratitude encases my being… and that allows me the opportunity to mentally surround my physical body with love… What a great gift our bodies are eh… they make it all possible… Namaste, Brian

As surely as our earths air, water, nature and limitless supporting gifts, surround us each and every day… so to, do our Angels and Guides… What a Gift…
Namaste, Brian

Brian McClure

The host of “A Call to Consciousness” radio, Brian D. McClure, is also the founder and managing director of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. He has authored numerous popular children’s books, all which share a common theme of the interconnection and oneness of all. Brian is currently writing a book about his journey into consciousness aptly titled, A Call to Consciousness. His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in the world, by helping others to remember that everything is connected.

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