How Do I Overcome Fear? by Ash Ruiz

About Ash Ruiz

Ash RuizAsh was raised around the globe, traveling as a member of the Latin teen-sensation band, Menudo. At 16 he traveled to Machu Picchu for a video shoot. When he stepped off the helicopter and touched the ground, everything disappeared. There was no Ash Ruiz, no Machu Picchu, no llama, no Peru, no Earth, no Universe. All that was present was the ordinary radiance of clear all pervading awareness, and from that moment on his life would never be the same. Since, the reality of love and causeless joy have inspired music as the fragrance of his heart, constantly coming through in ever-exciting ways. To learn more about Ash’s new music project (post-“Here II Here”, his conscious-pop band for the last 14 years) visit You can also stay connected with him on Facebook by Liking his page here:

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5 Responses to How Do I Overcome Fear? by Ash Ruiz

  1. María Isabel Bornacelly Marulanda says:

    Ash, Machupichu you changed your life, but you changed me for me, your soul clear, powerful your smile, your eyes serene and deep, make you born again.

    The happiness you give through your words and smiles, does not pass anything. Thank God that you exist, and because your music there, here, now and forever.

    beyond the universe and the stars, I love you and I give my heart to simpre. I love you, thank you for existing.

    María Isabel Bornacelly Marulanda

  2. Tracy says:

    Ash – thank you for sharing your thoughts, your smile, your wisdom, your beauty. I first heard you sing with Here II Here in NYC about 3 years ago. I was touched by your music and feel so blessed to have been able to experience that.

    Much love sent to you,
    Tracy Perry

  3. Jeanetta Gold says:

    Oohhh, WOW………Thank you…..

  4. Scarlett says:

    “Only a thought is afraid of thoughts…” Beautifully said. Thank you for this delicious moment of clarity, Ash!! I’m going to look into your music. My coworker can’t believe I don’t know who Here II Here is – I guess we have one of your CDs in the office – who knew!?

  5. cristina says:

    Dear Ash Ruiz!
    If one day I meet you, I will give you a hug : a long and full of enlighten energy hug just to say THANK YOU FOR EXISTING! GOD BLESS YOU , YOUR BELOVED FRIENDS AND FAMILY! I learned sooo much from you and I am sure I still will.
    Kisses from Brazil ! Take care and keep doing this wonderful job!
    I love you!

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