A Collection of Inspirations by Brian McClure ~ March-April 2012

Taking action for a cause takes courage… especially when the action we take changes our life… or better said, maybe the life we think we should be living… For me, I was awakened in the middle of the night by an internal voice for a number of years… I was told to create the Universal Flag… Truth is, I was unwilling to create the symbol, because I did not want my life as I knew it, to change… I was all for oneness, on my terms… In truth, none of our lives work that way… We are here to be in service to others, whether it fits in our plans or not… For me, taking action was not easy, but in 250 years, should we choose to visit the earth school again… I guarantee you… we will be happy for the actions we took on behalf of others… because the earth school changes as a result of the actions we take… What you do Matters! Namaste, Brian

All that arises in each of our individual earth school journeys, (whether we perceive the events as good or bad… right or wrong)… happen for a specific reason… awakening to our higher truth… the truth of our soul design… Namaste, Brian

Many times we earth school students get caught up in our earth school location… (where we live, the language we speak, the religion we have an allegiance to… the list is endless)… But… the truth is, WE ALL come from the same place… Just as we all communicate in the same language… Just because we have chosen to spend a few days in the earth school, don’t fool yourself… All of us are connected in love… A love greater than any of us can imagine or remember… Namaste, Brian

So here we are… right here and right now… but let’s not fool ourselves… with our human hardware, connected to our human software, it is easy for us to get pulled into our minds, or the drama of the day, or the story of the past, and lets not forget the rescue of the future… :))) Ahhh the undeniable beauty of the quest we have chosen… We are true gifts in this world, as we strive to remember, one truth at a time… Nothing like our earth school life class… Keep up the good work! You make a difference, that only you can make… Namaste, Brian

Before you drew your first breath on the earth plane, you had an entire plan… A plan that is greater than your wildest imagination… and so it is, for all of us earth students… Find the truth of oneness, and you are well on your way to remembering… Namaste, Brian

We are All visiting the earth school to remember a few simple things… Everyone and everything is connected… Only Love is real… and… We are the answers that we seek… Namaste, Brian

With the ability to connect through the internet… we earth students have the opportunity to spread our universal symbol of oneness to all regions of our world… (This is a first…) and our connective symbol spreads, reminding us that there is no separation… and one day, soon enough… we will no longer need a symbol to remind us of who we are… we will just live it… Namaste, Brian

No matter who you are and what you have or haven’t done in your life, You absolutely make a difference in our world… Namaste, Brian

Like energy combines and creates… That is the same for both sides of duality… Only you determine what energy you send out… Make it count! Namaste, Brian

What we plan on doing and what we think about doing, but never get around to… makes no difference… The only thing that creates, is what we do… Namaste, Brian

Brian McClure

The host of “A Call to Consciousness” radio, Brian D. McClure, is also the founder and managing director of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. He has authored numerous popular children’s books, all which share a common theme of the interconnection and oneness of all. Brian is currently writing a book about his journey into consciousness aptly titled, A Call to Consciousness. His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in the world, by helping others to remember that everything is connected.

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