A Collection of Inspirations by Brian McClure ~ April-May 2012

The next time you find yourself in a depressed mood, with no one to talk to… Hug a tree… and I mean, Really Hug the tree… Trees vibrate unconditional love, ALWAYS… I think you’ll be surprised what you feel…
Namaste, Brian

The earth school allows each of us an unlimited ability to create our life experiences… They are created through our thoughts and beliefs… If you check your own personal belief system, you will find that they have changed many times… Our life experiences repeat our lesson over and over until we change our limiting beliefs… Many of our limiting beliefs such as prejudices etc. have been indoctrinated from our parents, friends, teachers… many have been handed down from generation to generation… And yes, they are creating your life experiences… If you are tired of the same repeated cycles in your life, take a look at what you believe… When you find limiting beliefs, hit the delete button… Replace them with more expansive connected ones that work for all… As you do, you’ll find that your life experiences change… The following is a simple earth school truth, and it applies to everyone… WHAT YOU BELIEVE, IS WHAT YOU CREATE…
Namaste, Brian

Every one of us earth students arrive on mother earth with Mojo… We are gifted with the chi, the energy, the light, the spark or any term you can think of, that alllows our connection to all… Makes no difference where we are, what time it is, or the circumstances… We all have it… What we do with it is our own individual call… and the true connection… just one thing… LOVE… What a ride! Here is to our Mojo… Namaste, Brian

In each new day we have the opportunity to surround our family, friends and perceived enemies with golden light… For many of us, it is much easier to surround our enemies with ill wishes… So why consider changing???… a) to free ourselves from the chains that bind us… b) to release judgment… c) to become the change that we wish to see in our world… By surrounding others with a golden light, we recognize that they are a part of us, and just as capable of changing as we are… We recognize that we can only change ourselves… By changing ourselves, we change our world… In the final analysis, only Love is real…
Namaste, Brian

When I visited Sierra Leone and Uganda, I was awakened to truths about our world that I was not aware of on a conscious level… Truth is, over 50% of our world suffers without access to clean drinking water, adequate food supply, or proper shelter… The Universal Flag’s long term goal is to connect everyone and everything together… by doing so, we can ease the burden on billions of souls, and change our world… A tall order for us earth students, but together we can achieve our goals… It starts by changing the only person we can change… ourselves… and when we change, we find solutions, not problems… Namaste, Brian

A simple thought in a simple moment…
May we allow our goodness to connect to all that is right along our chosen paths… may the generations of past, present and future be guided by our own standards and laurels… may we find our way to oneness in all there is… and may we have the courage and fortitude to find and follow our soul designs… Thank you for reading and feeling… Namaste, Brian

As I was standing in the shower this morning, I placed my attention on the warm water pouring over my body. In an instant I was filled with deep gratitude… What a gift that shower was… How many times do we take the simple pleasures in life for granted? As my morning continued, I became aware of kind souls opening doors for me and exchanging pleasantries… and I was filled with deep gratitude… If I had not placed my attention on what was happening in the moment, I would not have been filled with the joy and connection of those moments… Even as I type this, I am filled with gratitude… I have been gifted with education and resources, which allows me type this… Everything in our lives is a gift… The secret is becoming aware of all that surrounds us every second of every day, in the earth school… Namaste, Brian

Since we are all part of the earth school, we all have a story… and, compelling one’s at that… None of us escapes the gifts of experiencing the great yo yo effects of life… The difference between our same stories, is how we process and react to them… For those of us who do not choose to learn and grow… NO PROBLEM!!! The same sad story replay’s in our earth school experience… again and again… over and over… until the day we get tired of the story… That’s the day when we finally figure out, that all those random events weren’t so random… In fact, we realize that all those random events were all connected and… that they produced the SAME RESULTS… EVERY TIME… on that day, the day of recognition, we finally asked… WHY… and our journey to healing and growth began… YEP… It is part and parcel of the fun we volunteered for, before we ever came here… Ask your angels and guides, “What am I to learn.” and you are on your way!!!
Namaste, Brian

Because we we are members of the earth school, it is a given that we will experience many painful events such as betrayal, divorce, abandonment, relationship upheval, etc… At the time, many of us perceive a great loss, and can easily point our finger at the culprit… (There, that person is the reason that I am unhappy…) The loss becomes a part of, “Our Story.” Many of us, store those thoughts and beliefs away for future reference… any time we want to feel the feelings that our stories elicit, we pull them out and place them on the wall, just like a picture… We enable ourselves to feel all over again the pain, anger, etc. behind the picture. Many times those feelings revolve around mistrust, anger, sadness, hate, fear, etc… Storing pictures related to painful events is a NO WIN proposition… So how do we change? We know the culprit, and many times we want them to suffer!!! What does that thinkng do for us? It keeps us locked in a world of repeated same experiences… TO CHANGE, we must view the events and our world from a different space. ONLY LOVE IS REAL… Therefore to change our world and our life, we need to::: Shine a Golden Light of Love on the perpetrator… envision them surrounded by LOVE and happiness… By healing others we believe have wronged us, we heal ourselves, and we heal our World… By doing so, get rid of the pictures that bind us in the same paradigm… and we release ourselves to the only vibration that is real… LOVE…
Namaste, Brian

None of us earth students journey our chosen path without occasional pot holes… In fact, our journey many times takes us on a roller coaster ride… That is the gift of the earth school… We are given the opportunity to experience opposites, which eventually allows us to let go of judgments… and in the process, we connect to the wonder of interconnection… WHAT A RIDE, What A GIFT… Namaste, Brian

No matter what the journey presents us, the correct answer is Love… No doubt the earth school masks the truth in every conceivable way… However, that is No Excuse for any manifested being… We came with a soul purpose that in the final analysis allows us to reconnect to the Truth… of… Love… and as Bugs Bunny used to say, “That’s all there is folks.” Namaste, Brian

All the souls and all the manifested energy throughout the entire universe of creation, vibrates with one vibration… LOVE… Each of us earth students are surrounded with more love than is possible to feel or imagine… Take a moment to feel the love we share right now… You are AMAZING!!! Namaste, Brian

Brian McClure

The host of “A Call to Consciousness” radio, Brian D. McClure, is also the founder and managing director of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. He has authored numerous popular children’s books, all which share a common theme of the interconnection and oneness of all. Brian is currently writing a book about his journey into consciousness aptly titled, A Call to Consciousness. His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in the world, by helping others to remember that everything is connected.

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