Our Crazy Thoughts About Money with Ash Ruiz

Many of us believe we’re one with All, but when it comes to money we feel isolated, confused and disempowered. Here’s a refreshing and peace-filled video from modern-day mystic, Ash Ruiz about our connection with money…

About Ash Ruiz

Ash RuizAsh was raised around the globe, traveling as a member of the Latin teen-sensation band, Menudo. At 16 he traveled to Machu Picchu for a video shoot. When he stepped off the helicopter and touched the ground, everything disappeared. There was no Ash Ruiz, no Machu Picchu, no llama, no Peru, no Earth, no Universe. All that was present was the ordinary radiance of clear all pervading awareness, and from that moment on his life would never be the same. Since, the reality of love and causeless joy have inspired music as the fragrance of his heart, constantly coming through in ever-exciting ways. To learn more about Ash’s new music project (post-“Here II Here,” his conscious-pop band for the last 14 years) visit www.ashruiz.com. You can also stay connected with him on Facebook by Liking his page here: http://www.facebook.com/ashtribe

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