Springtime by Aidan Storey

The Christian holy days are coming up this week, with Good Friday and Easter on their way. To many, this time of year symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. The following is an excerpt from Irish author, Aidan Storey’s book, Angels of Divine Light. In it he shares the messages he is receiving from his angels about this powerful time. If you practice a different religion, do you have holy days around this time as well? Please share with us what this time symbolizes for you and your culture.

daffodilsI went for a walk in the Phoenix Park, Dublin’s biggest area of parkland where deer roam freely. The day was fresh with blue skies and white clouds but a sharp, cold breeze. A good day for a walk.

The daffodils swayed back and forth in the cold breeze, bursts of golden sunlight in the grass. It was good to see the park coming to life again and the daffodils reminded me that Mother Earth’s winter rest was over and that colour and renewal were returning to our lives. A great joy filled my heart as it does to this day when I look upon the beauty and simplicity of nature. My two Guardian Angels stood with me and said.

‘This time of the year reflects the Jesus Healing Energy. The spring flowers and the budding trees reflect the risen Jesus, the living Jesus. His renewed love and strength. All that is born and reborn carries His healing energy. Just like Jesus, Mother Earth dies and comes back to life to delight, nurture and feed our bodies,’ Zechariah said.

‘So this is why so many people feel so much better in springtime?’ I said.

‘Exactly, it’s the most powerful healing time of the year. At the time of growth and renewal you should make your wishes and create the life you want,’ he said.

About Aidan Storey

AidanAidan Storey is a gifted Angel Therapy Practitioner, Angel Card and Soul Reader, Reiki Master Teacher, Seichem Master Teacher, psychic and spiritual healer, and bestselling author. Aidan specializes in helping people deal with issues that prevent them from enjoying enlightenment and discovering their path to fulfillment. He has become established as one of the leading psychics, Angel Therapists, and Angel Readers in Ireland, and has growing repute in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and Japan.

To learn more about Aidan, please visit www.AngelicIreland.com!

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