Mazare Sharif City by Shoaib Saboory

bluemosqueAfghanistan, the heart of Asia, is a country with more then 30 provinces; and Mazare Sharif city is one of the most populated cities in the Balkh province. It is the center of civilization and more than 500 years old. The ancient palaces and constructions are proof, for instance the Blue Mosque is one of the most popular Mosques in the territory and many scholars were born in Mazare Sharif like Ibn Sina Balkhi, Mawlana Jalal Uddin Balkhi Romi and Ms Rabeya Balkhi.

Mid-century, troublesome invasions happened in the city because of its ideal geographical location and the country lost its status and power. Nowadays Mazar city is overpopulated and most of migrating people came back to the country, and especially to Mazar city.

The majority of the population in Mazar city is busy with agricultural tasks and the rest work in business or medicine. Nationals of the city are facing considerable challanges in their lives. For instance, they don’t have clean drinkage water, modern schools for their children or universities for their young adults, or reliable public transportation. Idleness is a problem of the young genration and there are many challenges are that poor people of Mazar city have.

Inspite of their challenges, the people of Mazar city are culturally and religiously devout. Their wedding parties, and festivals such as Naw roz, Eid and Kite flying are amazing and offer joyful fun and entertainment.

Mazar city is one of the most popular cities in the territory with a civilized, cultural and religious people. But due to three decades of war, many difficulties like poverty, security challenges, idleness and hunger stress most the nation.


Mohammad is an Ambassador for the Universal Flag Peace Movement. He was born in Afghanistan, where he was going to school until the United Nations took action against the Talib regime, annihilated their government and brought a democratic government. Afterwards, he enrolled in Kabul University and enjoyed the student life with male and female classmates and teachers until the Taliban emerged and got the authority over the government. All of the female students, teachers and employees were suddenly urged to stay at home. So, the situation had changed to become very strict, poverty affected and all new development was stopped. These challenges pushed Mohammad to get involved as a volunteer with some developing organizations like UN and USAID until he got his Bachelors in Agriculture Sciences and began trying for a scholarship to get his Masters. Since 2009, he has been working with the Ministry of Energy and Water. Their main service is the rehabilitation of irrigation schemes, which were destroyed during three decades of war. Through everything he’s witness and experienced, Mohammad is now dedicated to combatting terrorism and bringing stability and peace. Visit our Ambassadors page here to learn more about Mohammad Shoaib Saboory.

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