Could Space Programs Save Our Planet?

Funding the space program has been a debate for decades now. Those who are against it note that space programs cost taxpayers billions of dollars and don’t serve humanity in the here and now – that we’re already nickel and dime-ing important educational and health programs. People who are for it cite life-changing scientific and technological innovations which have come out of research and development for space programs, such as advanced breast cancer screening technology, heart defibrillators, weather satellites, ATM’s, and more.

In the heart of the debate, one of the most compelling arguments for working together to explore space, comes from that word: “Together.” What if we stopped focusing all of our energies on fighting one another and instead began pursuing larger frontiers. Did you know that they are now beginning to explore mining asteroids to provide us with precious minerals and energy resources? What if reaching out beyond earth actually helped our earth community to come together?

Below is a video of Stephen Hawking sharing his thoughts on why we should go to space. Please let us know yours! Should we fund space programs or abandon them and put the money towards society’s current needs?

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