Open Letter from UFPM’S Costa Rican Ambassador‏, Judi Purdy


My name is Judi Purdy, and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 16 months. I would like to share a few thoughts about my involvement with the Universal Flag Peace Movement (UFPM), and having the honor to be the Ambassador from the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

There are many popular places for retired ex-pats to move, and we chose Costa Rica for several reasons. Our top reason – it is a very peaceful nation with no military. The climate is pretty consistent with 2 seasons – wet and dry. If you have ever had an opportunity to meet and mingle with Costa Ricans, you would instantly experience their happy, polite, simple culture. From my personal experiences here, Costa Rica seems to be stable and provides a well-balanced infrastructure, supporting basic needs (great food and water, shelter and security).

Being American, my personal beliefs are conflicting when it comes to “our” military. On one hand, I understand the argument that Americans and other countries have a sense of freedom and security because of a strong military presence. On the other hand, does the military really need to be so strong? A personal question I ask myself often is, “has the US military and security crossed the line where it no longer resembles a Peaceful mission?”

Answers escape me, so I remain today with conflicting personal beliefs and a lot of questions. What I know for sure is my soul and heart’s desire is that all of humanity has their basic needs met – that all of humanity experience equal opportunities. Yes, there may always be differences and gaps between lifestyles, but my desire is for the gap to be much, much, much smaller by spreading precious resources around more equally.

I know I personally have not experienced unrest in this lifetime. I grew up financially poor, but my basic needs have always been met. It is impossible for me to understand what unrest, the lack of security and basic resources, feels like. I mention this only because I am fuzzy about my goals as Ambassador for UFPM. Today, I am content knowing that I am connected to wonderful people around the world who share my desires for Oneness and Peace. What an honor and opportunity! I remain open for the unfolding of my, and our collective, goals. There is no doubt in my mind the universe will provide the clues on what is next.

I took one step today, and subscribed to Universal Flag’s blog, If you have not visited this site, or subscribed, will you? It is another way for all of us to stay connected, raise our consciousness of Peace, and send our energies out into the universe.

Namaste. Judi

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