Freedom and Oneness by Lee Warren Probert

mandalaThere is no need to be Afraid. Death will knock upon the door of all living things. In fact everything comes and goes. So why are we here? Many religions try to answer this universal secret! And they all carry the same underlying message. The message is of peace and love and the fact that all human-beings are connected. Therefore we should live and treat each other with respect as one big family. The problem is segregation!!! And not only that of which you can see, but that of which is harboured inside. Age old traditions and customs tend to hold firm when passed down through the generations, and this is how our race has achieved so much – always on the cusp of evolution. But, we must recognize that whatever creed, religion or gender we uphold as individuals, we are also represented as part of a whole…and without the whole how can we ever be the full picture?

So what can we do??? Respect peoples’ differences, understand peoples’ cultures and backgrounds, talk about your views, write about your views, share your feelings about your universal ideals, love, be happy that you feel how you feel and you are not limited to any doctrine, and that you are free from all restrictions. You don’t have hang ups about peoples’ sexuality or looks or deficiencies; you are free of all that stops people from connecting. You are free of limitations. You are the arrowhead of all evolution. Be proud and be Love.

X Namaste, Lee Warren Probert


Lee lives in the United Kingdom and is the lead singer and songwriter of the Doll Set Tones. He is a global Ambassador for the Universal Flag Peace Movement. Learn more about Lee here.

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