It’s Simple: Let’s Treat Each Other Better by Ambassador, Shoaib Saboory

diversityHuman beings have transformed and evolved greatly since our creation on the globe. In the process, we have always found many discrepancies and divisive points among our species; and this has caused millions of people to lose their lives and homes to war and fighting.

During our history, we humans have committed very gruesome crimes. If you look at our world today, there are several hot points around the globe where hundreds of people get killed every day. People are being tortured and killed for religious, ethnic and political reasons. We have created destructive and sophisticated weapons and technologies just for the sake of killing. Yearly, billions of dollars are spent for militaristic purposes while little is done to uproot the causes of poverty. I don`t think that religious or ethnic difference should be a motivating factor for division and hatred.

We are all human. And our geography, historical background and culture have given us a different identity, which should give rise to appreciation and lively discourse rather than becoming a cause of tension. We should accept the fact that the globe is home to different religions, races, ethnicity and nations.

There are more challenges that threaten our planet now than ever before. Climate change, poverty, population explosion and others are serious issues that call for action. We have common threats and common interests for which we should unite.

We should not draw lines over which division is right. On the contrary, we should feel and understand each other and be open to hug each other and find ways to solve the many problems around us.

If we do not connect with each other and find ways to solve the problems that we all face today, tomorrow may be too late to meet and solve them. Problems may erode us and storms may disturb our lives and take away our homes. We have everything that can make us understand each other, our common points and threats. We have intellect, compassion and other great human values that can overcome any kind of prejudice, fanaticism and other negative phenomena. So let’s come together now so that we can save our future.


Shoaib was born in Afghanistan, where he went to school until the United Nations took action against the Talib regime, annihilated their government and brought a democratic government. Shoaib is a global Ambassador for the Universal Flag Peace Movement. Learn more about him here.

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