XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014

sochiSport alone cannot enforce or maintain peace. But it has a vital role to play in building a better and more peaceful world. ~ Dr Jacques Rogge, IOC President, October 2007

The XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014 begins on Friday, February 7 and ends on Sunday, February 23, 2014. Will you be watching?

When we think of the Olympics Games, we usually think of sports and competition – the most visible aspect of the event. But the spirit of the Olympics extends far beyond the time period when the games are held. The concept of the Olympic Truce dates back to the 9th Century B.C. when a truce was declared among warring kingdoms to provide safety for the athletes, their families, artists, and other visitors for the games. Today, the tradition of the Olympic Truce continues with the stated intent “to use sport to establish contacts between communities in conflict, offer humanitarian support in countries at war, and more generally to create a window of opportunities for dialogue and reconciliation.”

This bringing people, communities and countries together with a common purpose is the intent of the Universal Flag Peace Movement, where we recognize the interconnection between all of life and seek to suspend our differences long enough to find the common bond. If even half of our nations can together under an Olympic Truce, we can begin working together to solve the greater challenges we all face on our planet.

Contributed by Mark Sullivan

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