Inner Fortitude for Peace by Ranjeeth Thunga

orchidAs a world we are trying to find solutions for peace. There are different means we go about this process. Some of us stand up to corrupt bureaucracy. Others express words of love and harmony. Others of us engage in diplomacy and negotiations. Still others of us engage in military action in the name of long-term peace. All of these solutions have a place and purpose in our history. However, humanity has never achieved lasting, confident peace. There’s still work to be done. Namely, this boils down to cultivating the peace within ourselves.

There have been wise men and women throughout history who have taught us that external peace can only be achieved by finding internal peace. This isn’t a new understanding, but the understanding still needs to be fleshed out.

What becomes increasingly clear, through honest self-reflection, is that peace within is far more than feeling blissful emotions or sharing positive vibes. Peace is far more than having a stress-free, relaxed lifestyle and mindset. Peace is far deeper than that. Peace, at the core, is an active process. It is the process of making space – creating a clearing within ourselves – to process conflict, through unrelenting love and forgiveness. It requires a continuous effort of processing the pain, suffering, trauma and abuse that exists in our collective consciousness.

Peace in our world inevitably comes down to such an internal process. There really is no other way to transform the planet until we make clearing within us to work through the conflict. There is no way that the world can heal from suffering unless a sufficient number of us commit to working through the human suffering within. I feel that cultivating such capacity is what those like Christ, Buddha and Gandhi actually meant by peace. The best way I believe is to integrate an awareness-based, love-centric meditation practice into our life.

This fundamental process of self-transformation is what is necessary to phase out our current
immaturities of war, abuse, and oppression. It is challenging work, as it eliminates a causal scapegoat entirely from the picture – but at a certain point it becomes clear it is necessary to work inside to transform outside.

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Ranjeeth is creating meditation and analytic tools to help us hold space for diverse, conflicting points-of-view, through Perspective Mapper ( His work is heavily based on Integral Theory, which integrates wisdom from a variety of traditions and disciplines. He is actively seeking to work with partners who share the common goal of achieving world peace through self-transformation.

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