Who Can Say, “Yes to Life, Yes to Love?” by Sarwat Ali Sidiq

Between the first land of law
And the latest nest of terror

Everywhere all over the world, when anyone hears about Iraq, immediately and undoubtedly they imagine bombs, smoke, blood and death.

But for those who know about the history of human civilization, Iraq is a symbol for Mesopotamia, the land of Hammurabi who wrote the first book of law in the history, Sumerians…who built a great civilization on the earth, and Babylonians who invented Hanging Gardens and clay tablets upon which Hammurabi wrote the first human made law, and which is on display at the in Louvre Museum.

But what Iraq presents to the world today, is a picture painted all in the colour of blood. It was yesterday when people’s lives were governed by law, and today they are governed by terrorist threat.

This country has a huge wealth of underground oil and on-ground minerals, but what’s actually seen on this land is ruins. And right now, the people have no problem with ruins. They just want to stay alive. People here never sleep any nights with certainty that they will wake up in the morning.

This country has become the ground of clashing ideology and visions, a place for spying agencies to create more war. Here…all religions are in conflict, all ethnicities kill each other. Just like a huge animal that eats its own body, this country eats itself.

Someone who sees the bloody war between Shia and Sunni Muslims, could think that the flame never goes down. Anyone who sees the deep hatred that Arab, Kurds and Turkmen have towards each other, could say ethnics can never live in peace together. It is a very tragic and painful view.

We ask:
Why is life here is so destructive?
Why is human life valued so little?
Why is killing is as easy as eating a piece of cake?

The answer is this:
Here the beauty in people’s hearts is dead. Life and death has no difference any more. Iraq will never be free from war and bloodshed until the meaning returns to our lives, and human life is once again respected. There will be no guarantee of peace until humans are more important than our ideas and thoughts.

Who can shout with all his might and say:
No to death…. Yes to life
No to terror…. Yes to love?

SarwatSdeeqAbout Sarwat Ali Sidiq
One of the Universal Flag’s Ambassadors in Iraq, Sarwat was born in Kurdistan, north of Iraq. After high school, he finished studying engineering and irrigation at the University of Sulaimania, and now works as a civil engineer. He longs for life to be at peace in the Middle East and does his best to add to a peaceful way of life in his home and community.

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