Is the flag affiliated with any religion or special interest group?

No. The flag represents everyone and everything. It does not represent any one particular group, race, religion, creed, government or anything that creates the illusion of separateness.

Do the colors used in the flag have any affiliation with the Gay flag?

No. The Universal Flag is not affiliated with the Gay flag. The rainbow spectrum of colors indicates energies that are common to all life on earth. The Universal Flag is a symbol of interconnection that embraces all people regardless of sexual preferences.

How can I make a difference?

There are many ways you can help. First, you can fly the flag and/or wear the symbol. This will spark discussion about the Universal Flag’s meaning. In this way, you can share the message and help others awaken to a more inclusive, loving and compassionate world.

By volunteering or making a financial donation to the Universal Flag Foundation, you will support our efforts to raise consciousness.

A few more: Share this website and alert your friends to “A Call to Consciousness” radio programs. “Like” us on Facebook and stay connected by writing on our Wall, or sharing our posts with your friends. Talk about us on Twitter. Include a Universal Flag symbol on your own website.

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