The Universal Flag

The purpose of the Universal Flag is to help awaken human consciousness to life’s interconnection by embracing everyone and everything. The Universal Flag transcends race, religion, borders and economics, while celebrating the rich diversity of individuals and groups.

The flag design itself came about through a good measure of intuition and careful consideration. Here is the meaning behind the individual design components of the Universal Flag:

  • The white background of the flag represents the purity from which we come.
  • The colors are vibrations of energy, common to all.
  • The waves represent the natural ebb and flow cycles of life.
  • The gold band, which encompasses this symbol, represents our highest teaching: Treat one another as you want to be treated.

The Foundation

The Universal Flag Foundation is a 501c3 Non-profit that strives to raise human consciousness and spread awareness of life’s interconnection through radio, publications, merchandise, educational programs, volunteer projects and funding for charitable endeavors.

The Founder

Brian is the Founder and Managing Director of The Universal Flag Foundation. He is a successful businessman with ownership in several firms. Brian completed his formal education at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where he studied Economics and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology.

Brian began his inner journey to Truth over 30 years ago. As a young man he actively sought out books, seminars and programs that led him to a greater awareness and understanding of Higher Truths. Through his passion for knowledge and wisdom, he rediscovered the simple Truths that reside within all of us. Through the creation of the Universal Flag, Brian is now following a calling that has long been with him.

Brian is the author of many popular children’s books. His books share a common theme of the interconnection and oneness of all Brian is also writing a book about his journey into consciousness titled. “A Call to Consciousness”. His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in the world, by helping others to remember the oneness of all.

Brian grew up in Geneva, Ohio and resides in the Chicagoland area with his children.

Personal Note from Brian

The Flag, this symbol, resonated within my being for many years. I was unwilling however, to take action and allow for its creation. I didn’t want my world to change, my life was perfect just the way it was!

Many a night Universal Energy would wake me up, pushing me to create the flag; I disregarded the calling. I knew thousands of others had been given the same call. They certainly were more qualified to bring the flag and symbol to us. I waited patiently for them to create it; they didn’t answer the call either.

Then 9-11 hit and shocked the world. I understood a few things at that time. If I had been born and raised in the al-Qaida, if I was a lifetime member of the Taliban, I would have been the first in line, volunteering to crush my enemies. What else would I have known, but their beliefs? I also knew that no amount of bombing, terrorism or killing would change World Consciousness. I recognized education was the only thing capable of creating a Mass Consciousness Shift. The teaching (or reintroduction) of Simple Hidden Truths, that are present in every being that inhabits this planet. These Truths remind us who we are: One.

Would any of us intentionally bomb our family or ourselves? Would we fly planes into buildings to kill family and friends? NO, WE WOULD NOT! Our beliefs would not allow us to do so.

So why has the earth been ridden with wars, terrorism, communism, dictatorships, and starvation since the beginning of history? Simple; we believe ourselves to be separate from all others. We believe our God, is the one true God, no matter where we stand on this planet or in the heavens. We feel justified and united in our individuality. Moreover, What We Believe Is What We Create. If you check your belief system from the time you were born until now, you will notice it has changed. Beliefs are created and dis-created many times in our lifetime.

Knowing the oneness of all, but seeing the destructive behavior created from the false beliefs of mind and ego, I finally had no choice but to create the Universal Flag. The Universal Flag and Symbol was manifested through me, to spread the Truth of who we are. Did I create it? No. I allowed it to flow through me. Universal Energy created it, through Universal Truth, through Us!

The time to create positive change in This World is Now. Do not just say, “This is great,” Act Now! Wear your symbol, display your flag, and allow them to remind us of our Higher Truth. Share its message with everyone. Most importantly allow your symbol to remind you of the divinity in All. Do it for your children, grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s, grandchildren. Do it for yourself.

I am a part of you, you are a part of me, and I do this for us.

Namaste, Brian D. McClure

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