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Qatar: Corporate Exploitation of Migrant Construction Workers

A new report by Amnesty International finds Qatar’s construction sector rife with abuse, with workers employed on multi-million dollar projects suffering serious exploitation. As construction is set to begin on the FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums, the report, The Dark … Read More

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It’s Simple: Let’s Treat Each Other Better by Ambassador, Shoaib Saboory

Human beings have transformed and evolved greatly since our creation on the globe. In the process, we have always found many discrepancies and divisive points among our species; and this has caused millions… Read More

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Freedom and Oneness by Lee Warren Probert

There is no need to be Afraid. Death will knock upon the door of all living things. In fact everything comes and goes. So why are we here? Many religions try to answer this universal secret! And they all carry the same underlying message. The message is of peace and love and the fact that all human-beings are connected… Read More

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Creating Art From a Plastic Ocean ~ National Geographic

In this full-length web exclusive, National Geographic journeys along the remote Alaskan coast … in search of garbage. A team of scientists and artists investigates the buildup of marine debris washing out of the great gyres, or currents, in the Pacific Ocean… Read More

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Big Idea by Sukant Panigrahy

Our Ambassador, Sukant in Mumbai, India, is a brilliant artist and environmental activist and educator. Please enjoy this video he created to call for everyday actions and a large-scale discussion about the environmental challenges… Read More

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Open Letter from UFPM’S Costa Rican Ambassador‏, Judi Purdy

My name is Judi Purdy, and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 16 months. I would like to share a few thoughts about my involvement with the Universal Flag Peace Movement (UFPM), and having the honor to be the Ambassador from… Read More

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Zimbabwe: Women forced to flee their homes for refusing to reveal their vote

Women political activists in rural Zimbabwe told Amnesty International they have been threatened with violence and forced to flee with their children for refusing to reveal their vote to supporters of Robert Mugabe’s party during harmonized elections. The women said … Read More

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Turkey: Disgraceful Use of Excessive Police Force in Istanbul

Urgent steps must be taken by the Turkish authorities to prevent further deaths and injuries and allow protesters access to their fundamental rights, as well as ensuring the security of all members of the public, Amnesty International said following reports of more than 1,000 injuries and at least two deaths of protesters in Istanbul… Read More

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Could Space Programs Save Our Planet?

Funding the space program has been a debate for decades now. Those who are against it note that space programs cost taxpayers billions of dollars and don’t serve humanity in the here and now – that we’re already nickel and dime-ing important educational and health programs… Read More

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Historic Conviction Brings Long-Awaited Justice in Guatemala

The conviction of Guatemala’s ex-president General Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide and crimes against humanity during his time in office is a historic step in the nation’s long struggle for justice, Amnesty International said today…
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