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Prayer – A Poem

Did you know, that when you walk … It is a prayer And when you breathe … It is a prayer Every moment, of every day … Is a prayer Makes no difference what you are doing, Intent is the … Read More

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Our Time in Days

We share the same air, water, sun, moon, earth and sky in this very moment. Know that All are a part of us, and that we are here with purpose. As humans, we have a limited number of days on this planet. If we live to age 78… Read More

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Thoughts on Truth and Honesty

Many of us are taught from the time we are young that it is ok to lie… after-all, everyone else lies… others feel it is ok not being truthful when we have the ability to get away with lying… In our daily lives, we observe non truths being told by our politicians, governments, in our personal lives, workplaces, and in the media across the globe. Read More

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Changing Perspectives

Over the past several decades, I have had the opportunity to learn a little about indigenous cultures from around our world. I have to admit, for a good part of my life I was unaware of the gifts that indigenous cultures bring to our world… Read More

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One ~ A Poem

Breathe the peace Of this space so calm Know thy space Without illusions along Deep yet near, Far yet here Illusions away, Peace in your day Share the peace That surrounds your space Send it in all directions, All over … Read More

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