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The Segregation of Italy’s Roma ~ Amnesty International

What do you think of this situation? The Roma are a European minority sometimes referred to as Gypsies. They are not welcomed in Italy, as so many nomadic peoples are met with similar intolerance in other countries. How do we address these kinds of situations? Can we love people who live differently than us? Read More

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The Seen and the Unseen: Spirituality Among the Dagara People by Sobonfu Somé

I grew up in southwestern Burkina Faso, where the houses are built with mud and nicely polished with cow dung and ash. The children have their own rooms; the women have their rooms; and the men have their room. It is not to promote gender differences or sexism but is a way for men, women, and children to be able to meet their needs. Men and women often come together, but always in a sacred space… Read More

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Boundaries: With or Without? by Jeff Brown

I grew up in a home without boundaries. We had walls between the rooms, and locks on the bathroom doors, but there were no relational boundaries between us. With our consciousness overwhelmed by emotional and economic challenges… Read More

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The New Citizen ~ The New Nobility by Joseph McCormick

This new political behavior is being exhibited by a whole new type of citizen, who have emerged as a result of the personal development movement, and the liberation of ancient spiritual practices from “protective custody”. They tend to be more connected with God, Spirit, Source, the Christ, the Divine, however you say it, and have a relatively well developed inner guidance system. They tend to be free from dogmatic belief systems and are more willing to “go within” to access truth (rather than relying on external “facts” presented to them). Read More

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Peace Is Attainable by Cassandra Curley

Two phrases keep cycling through my mind, like a song that I can’t get out of my head: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the country,” a typing drill my mom taught me and Susan Powter’s “Stop the Insanity!” from the early 90s. The sense of urgency to awaken Humanity to the possibility of Peace is a constant force in my life… Read More

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Embracing Grief by Sobonfu Somé

For many people grief is an option. Looking at my own life, I realized it is a matter of life and death. In fact, throughout my life, grief has been an important theme from crying for food as a child to dealing with deep pain of losses as I grow older… Read More

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The National Museum of Animals & Society

Our relationships with other nonhuman animals (aka animals) move us all over the place. We love some, hate others, and are indifferent to a wide range of fascinating species. Animals intrigue and inspire us and as we inquire about who they are we learn much about who we are… Read More

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Transpartisan Coalitions: Success and Limitations by Joseph McCormick

While organizing the First Conference on Democracy in America I had the idea of using the event to build a relationship between the leaders of and the Christian Coalition… Read More

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Stupid Is As Stupid Does by John Dennison

Somewhere along the line I made a wrong turn. I got so caught up in the big picture that I lost sight of the little one — that changing the world starts with changing the one. Read More

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Weekly Collection of Inspirations by Brian McClure

Since my childhood, I have heard people express their desire for peace… and others comment that peace would not come in their lifetimes… Living in a world of duality Read More

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