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Pay Extra – It’s Worth It by Dr. Madan Kataria

There are times when our rational mind gets completely hijacked by our ego thus affecting our behavior towards others. This is a common phenomenon and is just the design of life. Nobody is perfect. Normally, I’m a person with passion … Read More

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Our Crazy Thoughts About Money with Ash Ruiz

Many of us believe we’re one with All, but when it comes to money we feel isolated, confused and disempowered. Here’s a refreshing and peace-filled video from modern-day mystic, Ash Ruiz about our connection with money… Read More

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Restaurant No 72 by Dr. Madan Kataria

Let me tell you about a very special act of kindness I personally experienced in August 2006, when my wife, Madhuri, and I went to Langkawi, a beautiful island in Malaysia. While on our way from the airport to the hotel, our host decided to stop for lunch. We went to a Chinese restaurant, which was perhaps the most unique eatery I have ever come across. The whole concept in that place deeply touched and inspired me… Read More

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February 6, 2011
Call-In Show with Brian McClure

On this program, Universal Flag creator and host of A Call to Consciousness discusses the history and current dynamics of our monetary system, and answers callers’ questions about economics and how to deal with fear around what may come. Read More

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