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What Does Oneness Mean to You? by Lexi Soulios

The dictionary defines Oneness as, “the fact or state of being unified or whole, though composed of two or more parts.” A second definition would be, “Identity or harmony with someone or something.” This is what we strive to remind people… Read More

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Inner Fortitude for Peace by Ranjeeth Thunga

As a world we are trying to find solutions for peace. There are different means we go about this
process. Some of us stand up to corrupt bureaucracy. Others express words of love and harmony.
Others of us engage in diplomacy and negotiations… Read More

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Freedom and Oneness by Lee Warren Probert

There is no need to be Afraid. Death will knock upon the door of all living things. In fact everything comes and goes. So why are we here? Many religions try to answer this universal secret! And they all carry the same underlying message. The message is of peace and love and the fact that all human-beings are connected… Read More

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I Love the Whole World by Salma El-Banna

I ask you to disconnect from the world for a few seconds, detach yourself from your nationality, your name and age. I ask you to consider yourself a dot. Read More

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Stay off the Upset Train by Bryan Reeves

Like many of you, I spent the holidays with family. It’s just fascinating how the families we grew up with, and often return to around the holidays, so expertly find the buttons we were sure we’d expertly hidden that trigger us into wild, limbs-akimbo freak-out mode…
Read More

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Sacred Dynamite by Jeff Brown

I have never been one who believed that human births are accidents, or that we are little more
than random concentrations of stardust. I believe we are all here with a divine purpose at the
heart of our birth. As we deal with the challenges, pressures and distractions of daily life, it is all
too easy to lose sight of this purpose and become spiritually unimaginative, momentarily
forgetting that there is a well spring of magnificence laying in wait within us. This week, I invite
you to remember. Read More

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A Child’s Sense of Self by Sobonfu Somé

Often, we tend to look at other people without actually seeing them — we notice only what serves us or affects us in some way. When it comes to children, our ability to notice and see must be magnified. The smallest detail matters… Read More

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How Can We Be at Peace When We Carry So Much Pain? by John Dennison

I spend a lot of time talking with people. And frankly, sometimes those conversations aren’t easy — for the others involved, or for me. One thing they learn is that I listen, even when they wish I wouldn’t. I hear what they say. I hear what they don’t… Read More

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“High” Official Music Video by Full Moon Rising with Daniel Tyler Pohnke

We were recently introduced to this musician, and his conscious, uplifting lyrics and rhythm have had us dancing all day. It’s wonderful to be in a world where so many of us are waking up and filling our planet with goodness! Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!! Read More

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This Could Be Heaven or This Could Be Hell by John Dennison

Welcome to this school we call the Planet Earth. It’s such a lovely place. So why does life here have to be so hard for some, and so easy for others? Or is it just that our relative perspectives only make it seem that way? Read More

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